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Dandra Kingdom Roster 

The Kingdom of Dandra was made at the end of the First War, when the Drandorians and the Drakens won the war together against the Ukonians. The Drandorians and the Drakens decided to combine their efforts into one kingdom. They named this kingdom Dandra and named the capital Darson City. They made a Council for the city, and appointed four Dukes to run the main points around the Kingdom. They crowned the King (a man of the Drandorians) and gave him the last name Dandra. His name stands as King Robert Dandra I. His wife was named the Queen. After 50 years of peace, Robert I died. He was killed by the Ukonians who had rebuilt their lands. The Ukonians declared war on a kingdom with no king. The New King came out of know where, chosen to lead. King Cedric Watkins lead Dandra with a hard fist.


Capital CityEdit