People involved:

Dandra Neutral Ukon
King Cedric Watkins Ronen Braxton
High General

Radulf Griffiths

Ronen and Radulf come to King Watkins' castle and find that he has made a War Meeting about the new attack on Bossia. The King says that the High General helped the attack and has him killed. The King becomes the Supreme Commander of the military until a new High General is claimed. The King finds a boy spying and tries to have him killed. Ronen yells in disagreement but the King thinks the boy was sent by Ukon and doesn't listen to Ronen. Ronen runs in front of the boy and Radulf shoots the King in the gut with his crossbow. While this happens the Royal guard kill the boy and arrest Radulf. Ronen gets arrested. Ronen hits the Guard with his shield and jumps out the window onto the roof. Ronen screams he only wants peace.


  • High General killed
  • Child killed
  • King injured
  • Radulf arrested
  • Ronen no longer welcomed in Dandra