People Involved:

Dandra Neutral Ukon
King Cedric Watkins Ronen Braxton Alana Daredevil

Lionel Tyerger

Commander Simon Vavino
King Albert Rossier

The King of Dandra, Ronen, Lionel, and Simon have a meeting. The Peace Meeting ends with the King of Dandra being taken away by Simon's troops. Ronen pleads for the King to be allowed to come back to Dandra but is refused. The King escapes (dressed as a Ukonian Guard) and goes back to Darson City. Dandra Celebrates as their King returns home but then Simon, Ronen, and Lionel come to get Simon's loyal Guard Alana. When refused Alana's safe return, they plead with the King. The king of Dandra attacks them, but they are saved just in time by boats of Ukon, with King Rossier in them. Simon gets on the boat unhappy about Alana being held captive. Lionel and Ronen stay in Dandra as welcome guests.


  • Alana taken Prisoner
  • War is declared for a Second Time