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Jules Devilbane
Biographical Information
Born: 6th Februrary, 1210
Birthplace: A House in Darson,Dandra
Phyisical Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Family Information
Family: Jules Devilbane,Nero Devilbane,Fenoglio Devilbane
Kingdom: Dandra
Province: Darson
Weapon(s): Weapon(s)
Occupation: Soldier


On the fair morning of the sixth of Feburary,1210, Jules was born to Violante and Cosimo Devilbane.They lived in an old house in Dandra,whose commander they supported in every move he made.

Jules was born in bed, a homebirth that was nearly fatal. Violante was turning blue as she squeezed, and Jules came out, a diminutive, thin young baby stained with scarlet. Miraculously, nobody died.

Jules used to watch the war from her window, staring out at the terrible things that were being done there. She wondered why it was all happening, and why it wasn't peaceful like in the old days. One day, she actually went to try and stop the war from happening, which resulted in a fierce repremanding from her dad, and a graze from a Ukonian soldier.

That night, when she talked to her dad, she was qualing under a deadly look that her father gave him. "I am a soldier in the Dandrian Army, and you go out there and risk your life? You won't be any good in the Ukonian Army, the things you were saying. You will be a peacemaker, I can say that safely." he roared.

Sadly, whether he was right or wrong, he never found out. The next day, there was a gory,fierce battle. Many,many died. So many, families had to go and look for the body of their man, and if they were not dead, there were a few sighs of relief. But,heartbreakingly, their family's was a moan of despair. Fenoglio's cold body was sprawled in the middle of the dead, stained in his own blood.

Jules' eyes stung with hot tears, despite the mishap that had gone on the day before. She actually sang a stricken lament full of beauty, her honey-like voice echoing everywhere, soothing many that had suffered a tearful fate,seeing their loved ones dead amongst the many.

This is what created Jules' urge to join the Dandrian Army, to take vengeance against what the Ukonians had taken from her. She spent years training,mastering the axe and martial arts. The graze has never healed fully; it stayed there, like a monument to her father. Since Jules has and become a courageous soldier, and says that everything she does is now for her country and her father.


Jules is a hard,courageous,pretty young teenager. It has been mentioned many times that she has had a troubled adolescence, with losing her father so young in life. She hates Ukonians.