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Draco Daulton
Biographical Information
Born: 15th May, 1198
Birthplace: Urgon City, Ukon
Phyisical Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Family Information
Family: Father, Mother and Sister (Parents are dead)
Kingdom: The Kingdom of Ukon
Province: Capital City
Weapon(s): Weapon(s)
Occupation: Captain of Urgon City Guard


Sir Draco - Ukon
-Captain of Urgon City's Guard
-"Dandra shall fall"

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Welcome to Urgon City. How may I assist you?

Sir Draco David Daulton is the current Captain of the Urgon City Guard. He is a great Knight who uses a silver sword.

Ukon This person is a member of the Kingdom of Ukon on the Crusade RPG Wiki.

Copper Coins This person has 30 Copper coins.

Silver Coins This person has 10 Silver coins.

Gold Coins This person has 3 Gold coins.


Born to a Knight and Lady of Dargon Province on May 15th of 1198, Draco was picked out as a knight by his father. He was only 10 when he started practise with a sword, with his father.

At the age of 11, Draco was sent to Lefan Province to practise combat with a family friend. Draco was a natural. Instead of the standard 6 years of training, Draco mastered it in 4. He was knighted and made a Knight of Dargon Province. Sadly, 3 months into Draco's term, his father, Leonard passed away. Draco was devistated by the loss. However, Draco was made Captain of the Urgon City Guard.


Draco is a caring Knight who would do anything for mostly anyone. However, he never lets his guard down. He doesn't gain someone's trust right away, it takes alot to earn Draco's trust.