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Ukon This person is a member of the Kingdom of Ukon on the Crusade RPG Wiki.

Biography Edit

Damien Dadien (born 1210, day unknown) is a male member of the Ukonian Army. He was born to Jules Maldives and Bane Dadien.

In his early years, he was kept in hiding to shelter him, in those times the war could break out instantly. His father was a soldier of the Ukonian Army, and in 1223, he was killed in battle.

Then, in 1219, he joined the Ukonian Army.


Damien is a fierce teenager,and everyone knows they'll get knocked down if they get on his bad side. In battle, she is merciless until the Dandrian army are begging for mercy.

He has a sabre which is razor sharp.


He has black hair, pale skin with pallid features, and narrow scarlet pupilled eyes. This leads people to think he is demented.