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Cedric Watkins
Biographical Information
Born: Unknown
Birthplace: Bossia, Dandra
Phyisical Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Aqua
Family Information
Family: Unknown
Kingdom: Dranda
Province: Western Islands, Dranda
Weapon(s): Weapon(s)
Occupation: King of the Dandra Kingdom
Cedric Watkins – King of Dandra
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The pitiful Ukon shall fall.

King Cedric Watkins is the king of the Dandra Kingdom. A firm man, the King does not hesitate to go to serious punishment, due to the war. He doesn't trust Ukons, and he even has refugees from Ukon searched before entering Dandra.

Dandra This person is a member of the Kingdom of Dandra on the Crusade RPG Wiki.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the dangerous Eastern Mountains, Cedric Watkins was already a skilled swordsman at age 13. He became

Watkins in his Royal robes

a soldier at age 15 and fought mercenaries out to kill King Robert I. Robert soon recognized Watkins' remarkable swordsmanship and offered him a place in the Royal Guard ranks. Watkins accepted leaving the Eastern Mountains for Darson City. Robert quickly befriended Watkins and, over the years, Watkins became Commander of the Army. He showed great leadership to where, at the age of 23, Watkins was made High General of the Dandra.

Leading the Dandrian ArmiesEdit

For years, Watkins lead the Dandrian Armies with King Robert. At age 27, Watkins was told his father passed away. Watkins wasn't very effected by this, due to him never feeling love toward his father. About 2 years later, Watkins adopted a kitten. He felt more attached to that kitten than anybody. That same fateful day, King Robert I traveled to the Eastern Mountains and never returned. Watkins arrived at the funeral of Robert. The man who had the will informed that Robert wanted Watkins to become King, since Robert had no children to continue the bloodline.

Life as a KingEdit

Shortly after becoming King, Watkins was informed war wasn't officially declared even if Robert was killed. Watkins was outraged and wanted the Ukon to pay for their crimes. The same day, Watkins arrived at his castle and had an audience with Ronen Braxton, who wanted peace. It didn't work out as the Ukon arrived in Darson City, destroyed the King's castle and arrested him. However, the King quickly escaped and fled to the Western Islands, where King Robert I kept a hidden castle.