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Angela Fairfax
Biographical Information
Born: 11th of December, 1200
Birthplace: Western Islands, Dandra
Phyisical Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Family Information
Family: Unknown except for husband, Colton
Kingdom: Dandra
Province: Western Islands
Weapon(s): Bow and Arrow
Occupation: Duchess of Western Islands

Lady Angela - Dandra
-Duchess of the Western Islands

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The Western Islands is by farmost, the nicest province in Dandra.

Lady Angela Alexandria Fairfax is the current duchess of the Western Islands in Dandra. Her weapon is the bow and arrow. She is married to Colton Fairfax, duke of the Western Islands. She lives in Springwick Palace.

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Not much is known about Angela's past. Her family died when she was 4 and only knew her first name. A family brought her in and treated her as one of their own. When she got older, she met Colton while doing work. They both instantly fell in love.

Colton and Angela got married not long after they met. She adopted her husband's last name and became Duchess of the Western Islands.


Angela is a caring woman who understands people. She delivers justice when a crime is commited in her province and helps the citizens.