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Alana Daredevil
Biographical Information
Born: 1210, day unknown
Birthplace: A shack in Ukon
Phyisical Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Icy Blonde
Eye Color: Scarlet
Family Information
Family: Firenze Daredevil (deceased)

Juliana Daredevil

Kingdom: Ukon
Province: ???
Weapon(s): Weapon(s)
Occupation: Soldier

Alana Daredevil
Alana Daredevil – Fierce Soldier of Ukon
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I don't care how many I strike...
Ukon This person is a member of the Kingdom of Ukon on the Crusade RPG Wiki.

Copper Coins This person has 30 Copper coins.

Silver Coins This person has 10 Silver coins.

Gold Coins This person has 3 Gold coins.


Alana Merope Daredevil (born 1210,day unknown) is a female member of the Ukonian Army. She was born to Juliana Maldita and Firenze Daredevil.

In her early years, she was kept in a box to shelter her, as in those times the war could break out at any moment. Her father was a soldier of the Ukonian Army, and was dedicated and prepared to sacrifice himself.

In 1223, Firenze was killed in battle. This created a burning rage and a sizzling vengeance against the Kingdom of Dandra.

Then, in 1224, she joined the Ukonian Army, and fought not only for her country, but for her father.


Alana is a fierce, dedicated, unpredictable teenager,and everyone knows they'll get knocked down if they get on her bad side. In battle, she is merciless, and doesn't care how many she strikes down until the Dandrian army are begging for mercy.

She's really good at the martial arts. Her main weapon: herself, allthough she has a sabre which is razor sharp.


She has icy blonde hair, pale skin with courageous features, and narrow scarlet pupilled eyes. This leads people to think she is demented, insane, evil even. Well,maybe she is!